Feedback from some my satisfied clients

"Well, words can not express how appreciative we are for Chris's services.  A year ago we were ready to purchase our first home and were very excited! -- We found a beautiful, large Tudor and were ready to move in.  Well, when things seem too good to be true, they usually are...  The results of our inspection were a disaster.  There was a HUGE crack in the foundation, the electrical was a mess, the central air was a mess, dead trees, the brick facing was separating from the house, the roof needed to be redone, the house needed to be painted.... it goes on and on.  Naturally, we had to walk away from the house which was an extreme heart breaking moment for me - BUT -- now that I am able to look back on this experience, I am EXTREMELY thankful that we hired Chris as our inspector! --- To say he is thorough is an understatement* --- he was there for hours! - He checked every crack and crevice in that house - he climbed in every hole and inspected every inch of that home and did not leave until everything was covered completely.  He did an Amazing job and I would Highly recommend him to anyone and everyone.   To break it down, he pretty much saved our butts... we would have been stuck in a money pit - a beautiful money pit* - but a financial destroyer.  We are so thankful that we took our friend's advice and went with Chris - instead of the inspector that the realtor offered us.  Mr. Baczewski is truly an individual that has mastered his trade and takes pride in his work.  You will not be disappointed, he provides you with facts, and gives you peace of mind."

With Much Thanks,
Christina and Ricky -  Nutley, NJ

"It was very nice to meet you today. I must say the mold for stereotyped home inspector was broken today. I was not sure what to expect based on the stories I've heard from other friends and family. You were very thorough and very courteous. I could not have asked for a more professional person than you. I'm very confident in your coverage of the home"

Thomas Van D

Thanks for the quick turnaround and the excellent inspection.  We both feel much better after the inspection."

Lynn and Randy, Upper Montclair, N.J.

Thank you so much for a great report. I'm glad we chose you.
Thanks again for an outstanding inspection"
Mina & Sally, Bergenfield, NJ
"Thank you very much. I have to tell you, I have never observed such a thorough and precise inspection like yours. We appreciate your hard and very meticulous work. I will definitely recommend your services to others. Finally an inspector with great knowledge who loves what he does. I admire people who enjoy what they do, it's a blessing; an individual can always depend on an expert to do the job right."
Maria B., Clifton, N.J.

"Chris provided the most thorough home inspection ever.  With his 45+ page inspection report, I was able to get couple of thousand dollars credit from the home seller.  His work more than paid for itself!  I also believe that he is very fair in pointing out areas of concern with a home without blowing it out of proportion.   Has done over 2,000+ home inspections in his career; He is also certified to do termite inspections which really helps with homes in northern NJ.  I would highly recommend Chris to my friends, especially new home buyers, since Chris takes the time to explain everything about your home. "

Jae B.,Washington Twp., NJ
 “I wanted to thank you for getting this report out to me and my attorney so quickly. My attorney and I just spoke, and he remarked to me how impressed he was by the report and that he would be comfortable recommending you to future clients. My wife and I appreciated your thoroughness, professionalism and the time you took in answering our many questions. Thanks again”

Rich R., River Edge, N.J.

"The report was extremely easy to read and it was very helpful having the diagrams to go along with a lot of the comments. I just went over it with the lawyer and he said it was one of the more comprehensive reports that he has ever seen.
Thanks Again!"

Matt M. Stanhope, N.J.

"Thank you for forwarding the home inspection results so promptly!  I must say that this is by far the most detailed and thorough inspection report I have seen.  This is our third house and I am very impressed by your results and recommendations.
Thank you again for your assistance and for forwarding the attached so quickly!  Great working with you."

Liz J.   Washington Twp., N.J.

"It was nice to meet you ..... Thank you for the very thorough inspection. We will definitely recommend you to friends when they need a home inspection." 

Athena and Ali, Wycoff, N.J.

"The report was great. A complete 180 from my last experience.  I will definitely have no problem referring you to any of my purchase customers in the future. Thank You."
Cynthia L.  Maplewood, N.J.

"Thank you for your professionality and your diligence."

Irena J.   Caldwell, N.J.

 "Thanks for the hard work."

Andres P.   Dumont, N.J.